50mil+ GP new guild Ronins of the Empire looking for last 3 members!

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edited March 31
Ronins of the Empire - we are just about to start our second RAID at just two weeks old, and have 3 spaces left. Join us in time for TB to have fun and earn rewards! Great little varied community with an active Discord: https://discord.com/invite/5yvkWC7S

Requirements: level 65 minimum
400 raid tickets daily, 600 preferred

What we offer: 52 mil guild gp, multiple high level, experienced players, raid ready for everything up to and including STR Normal (and likely Sith heroic). Double figure stars in both Hoth TBs. Plus, we're a fun, chilled out gang who hang out and enjoy the game together. Find us in game or on discord, and check out our profile! Join today and grow with us!


(If you find us and we look full, please message an officer - we have a couple alts etc that can be moved!)


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