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I would like to suggest that you change the way the time settings work. Currently you get 2 time changes per year. That is problematic for the first year you have the game, or after a time zone change.
The reason it is problematic is because there are 2 changes in the time every year in most places for daylight savings time. The time the game gives out of the box wasn’t great. Do I changed it. Then daylight savings time rolled around, so I changed it again. Now my schedule is screwed up. I move with the Air Force every 2 years, so this cycle of trying to fix it is infinite.
I don’t think the system should be fully removed, rather make a small change. Maybe no more than 5 per year instead of 2. I actually had a bug with mine before that was semi resolved, and it didn’t update all the events. Maybe allow support to change the time, and have the option to update for daylight savings time automatically.


  • I think at least one more allowed time change would be great - as of right now I'm locked into a sub-optimal payout hour until the clocks go back again in order to get the time changes synced up. Really annoying - eats an extra hour of my day to do my fleet climb. I didn't realize there was a 'cool down' on changing payouts until I needed to change it again to get in sync with the time change. Having two per year is only optimal if you only ever need to change it twice a year - but the first year you do it, you'll probably need three. I wouldn't even mind if the third one cost crystals, like they do with name changes. I just need to be able to do it to sync the game with my real life schedule.

    I understand why there's a limit - and I agree that there's a need for that. But two isn't enough.
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    I know how you guys feel. I had to change the time a few months ago, I had to change it again yesterday. Now I have to wait over half a year for a refresh. It's confusing/annoying enough as it is, but once we take games like this into account, pretty soon it starts heading toward headache street, and eventually toward nightmare avenue.
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