Move from Easy to Medium Conquest?

(Apologies if a duplicate - I've seen a few medium-to-hard Qs but not this one)

Just did my third Conquest and the first red crate finish (for the first two, I didn't quite get global feats and then sector feats). 1.2m GP, currently working on BHs and Ewoks for Chewie and Threepio respectively just got 6star Chewie. Viable to move from Easy to Medium next time around?


  • Nighthawk1697
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    If im not mistaken i think its the same as medium to hard. In that the bottom rewards from medium will be the same as the top rewards on easy.

    so if u can you should move up as just getting the first create in medium should give you the same rewards as red create on easy.
  • crzydroid
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    What is the GP cut off for Normal? I thought it was 2 million.
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    I didn't think that there was a cut off, just a requirement that you have to finish one conquest beating every node (all the way through s5 boss).

    Certainly when they introduced Conquest there was no Easy mode and they let anyone of any GP attempt normal Conquest.

    The 2M comes from a "recommended GP" (for fun and/or success), but not a required GP.
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