The Sarlacc Pit Rejects (400mil) & sister guild have open spots.

The Sarlacc Pit Rejects (400m) are looking for 1 more!

Our Sister guild Sarlacc Pit Reject Rejects (240m) are also looking for at least 4! Details below!

Join us for Tom Foolery and Shenanigans!

The Sarlacc Pit Rejects -

1 spot open 400m, looking for at least 5m and 1 GL
27 RotE (1-3 Reva)
23 LSGEO (10-18 KAM)
114-31 TW record on
Running Endor Raid

Very active discord. Lots of Tom Foolery and Shenanigans! Very helpful and friendly servers.

Sarlacc Pit Reject Rejects -

4 spots open 240m, looking for at least 3m and GL preferred
42* LS Hoth TB
20* DS Geo TB
68% TW win record on

Starter guild for 400M upper guild. Both guilds use a mixed discord.

Please message me if interested in either guild!

Thank you,
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