Who are your favorite characters

Just unlocked Bane in the last conquest cycle, but he may just be most fun character to play with. He is an absolute monster on attack and I’m able to 2 man a Leia (the only team I wasn’t able to counter consistently). Watching him melt through teams never gets old


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    Bane is without a doubt awesome, and I'm enjoying him also.

    BT1 is probably my favorite though. He's got a lot of personality for a droid. He gets so excited when he kills someone, he just gleefully spins around firing at everyone indiscriminately. I smile every time. He's great.
    F2P since the last time I bought Kyros, Crystals, or the Conquest Pass.
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    BT1 is an absolute beast! I took him to R8 for platoons, not sorry.
    Make Bronzium autoplay opening an option.
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