New player looking for little help !

Hello !

New player starting yesterday, im asking for some help on what route should i take?
I saw that phoenix team is a good start, but some are saying to start from troopers teams? Which onedo you recommand and for what?

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    I think if I were starting over, I'd go with Phoenix but only if you can get to Dark Side 3F Hard to farm Captain Rex shards - without him the team is pretty useless.

    That gives you two jedi that will help with the Grand Master Yoda event, also Phoenix are needed for the Thrawn unlock, and gets you started in two assault battles.

    Imperial troopers are also great though - you'll want to farm them soonish if you go with Phoenix first.

    Also work on a scoundrel team - Credit Heist comes around once or twice a month and you'll need as many credits as you can get early on to level up your toons.

    If you find yourself with crystals that you want to spend, spend them on energy refreshes - that's the most efficient use of them and will generate the most return for your crystals. The first three refreshes are the cheapest - for normal energy the first three are 50 cyrstals each - they double after that, and then go up again if you keep refreshing - don't go past the first three.

    I confess I'm at a disadvantage here, as it's been years since I started playing and the landscape for new players has changed a lot since I started. It's not a bad idea to find a new player guide on youtube and formulate a plan for your first 6 months. Make some goals and stick to them. Start a farm, finish a farm. Get used to the idea that it can take weeks or even months to get a character to 7 stars - but don't bother farming them if you're not going to take them to 7.

    Good luck to you. Hope this helps.

    Edit: Added you. Let me know if you want me to set a particular character for you to borrow for Dark Side/Light Side/Cantina battles.
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