Scarberia is recruiting. 515 mil gp, 38*, 85% tw win rate

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Scarberia is a highly successful independent guild based mostly in North America, but growing around the world.

At only 515 million gp, our coordinated approach has led to 38* in ROTE, zeffo unlocked, with 40+ reva shards, and an 85% win rate in territory wars.

We believe in a team oriented mentoring approach to the game, with a strong focus on modding. We mod so we don't have to change mods for tw or tb. With experienced leadership, there is help in all parts of the game, whether it be modding, gc, or regular strategy chats for gac.

We are a competitive group, but we succeed because we want to, not because we are forced to.

If this sounds like a good fit, stop by our discord and say hi.
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