Lightspeed bundles

When will the next lightspeed bundles come to the game? Hope there is a second chance to buy the old ones. Some people might have missed the bundles they want first time it was released.


  • herd_nerfer
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    They've come around 2 or 3 times now - I don't know when they'll show up, but chances are pretty good we'll see them again.
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    Maybe may 4th
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    I really hope by (or preferably before) May the 4th. I’ve only been playing since January and I didn’t know that the Lightspeed bundles were rare and I only got 2 of them. I really can’t wait to get them all
  • EagleEye
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    It would actually have been a nice move if we could also buy the old LSB.
    For all the willing buyers who haven't been able to do this before, this is now "May the force be with you" but not "all the force"
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