[Empire team] Returning player coming to game


Hello everyone my name is TimJix with current GP (726.396 after like 2-3 weeks of play then augmented with the Bundle).
I am a returning player coming from Slovenia.
I usually played SWGH pretty much gambling.
Always relying on allies or just spamming max gear.
This time I started over and took a slower, strategic approach
The last improvement after buying the Bundle was considered a neccesity

Is to join this community where
my prosperous Empire team can grow even stronger!


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    Two buddies and I just dropped out of a guild and made our own just to chill and play we're beginning to collect some younglings to farm up. If your interested in rockin through all the raids and battles to get caught up check us out yub this nub is the guild name or if you just need Allie's my ally code is 689-719-754. If we keep collecting folks should run heroic rancor this week to start unlocking the other raids. Also the benefit of small guild high rewards as long as you hit the raids the three of us can solo the first three if need be.
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