Vansclan are recruiting! 331m guild looking for members!

Hi everyone,
I am from Vansclan, a casual English speaking guild with members all around the world. We generally try to allow for real life to come first, but like our members to remain active. We currently have two open spots, we would be interested in players with around 5mil GP or above, but we are happy to discuss if your GP is lower. For more information, please see our .gg page at
We currently run the speeder raid, averaging above 70mil on most weeks, as well as ROTE TB with our most recent scores at 14*. We also have a few members grinding for GI to allow for collecting Reva shards.
We also have a discord, but it is not a mandatory requirement, we just find it helps!
If you would be interested in joining, please message me here or on swgoh, my ally code is 171-458-157.
Thank you!


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