Update 4/23 (Will require Download)

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

We have begun rolling out a Title Update to Android and iOS devices. This will continue to roll out to all players over the next 24 hours and will require you to update from your app store at the end of this period.

  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where some eligible players may have been marked as ineligible for some gifts.
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue that some players may have experienced claiming a gift that they received before leaving a guild.
  • GENERAL - Leia Organa will now properly only have access to her Ultimate Ability in the Speeder Bike Pursuit raid if it has been unlocked.
  • GENERAL - Resolved an issue where players were unable to make a purchase of an item they canceled
  • GENERAL - Fixed instance where some numbers under Conquest feats were faded
  • GENERAL - Fixed issue where Leader synergy image was not displaying correctly
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where First attack banners are displayed incorrectly in a 3v3 battle against Geonosian squad
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where Fleet battles award one less banner than displayed when taking control of the enemy Capital Ship
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where players cannot complete "Allies" quest despite fulfilling the requirements
  • GENERAL - Fixed a visual issue where Daily Deals are missing a frame if players use the find flow
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where instances of the Stats button changes to Leaderboard button in TB3
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where the Turn Order would be dismissed and not come back
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue of instances of players having disappearing modifiers (visually) in conquest if they scroll too far up or down
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where font size is too small on certain game locations
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where specific character’s damage was not registered correctly on Auto when units are still spawning in
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where directional arrows while viewing a ship were not in the proper position
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