Update 4/24

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Here are the notes for today's Update

  • Increase Datacron Credit currency cap to 60 million

  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where Boomadier's Protection Disruption is not using a Locked Icon
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where Dark Trooper Moff Gideon wasn't dealing increased damage with his Basic if the enemy was debuffed
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where defeated B1s did not count towards the feat "Bringen da Mackineeks"
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where Boss Nass could gain more Potency than intended through his Unique ability.

  • The PvE version of Paz Vizla can gain more than 20 stacks of Heat and Overheat, the player obtainable version is working correctly.
  • The overhead Health and Protection bars and the ability icons for The Krayt Dragon don't display in the Krayt Gating Mission on Tatooine
  • Jar Jar Event - Tier 4, Jar Jar’s Enemy he will be facing’s Unique ability description has their base tier description. Gameplay wise, it uses max tier stuff
  • Mandalore Ship modifier isn't counting defeated summoned allies
  • Jar Jar event modifier Droid Advance, it says that it excludes summons but currently doesn't (Fixed in next update)
  • The character shard icon for the Reva Mission on Tatooine no longer displays Reva, but is still obtainable.
  • Jar Jar’s Special 2 is stacking locked versions of Speed Down and Offense Down with the non-locked versions
  • Gungan Phalanx has a rogue shield asset that the team is hunting down

  • Jar Jar Binks - For JKCal, SEE, and BAM the team is keeping an eye on their interactions with Frustration tier 3 and if we feel we are required to intervene for design integrity, we will.

  • Rewards will be sent out on the 30th
  • They will include your phase and end of TB rewards
  • The team prioritized ROTE rewards for those who alternate between weeks
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