To level up or not?

In most games this would be called sandbagging, though I haven't seen this referenced here yet.

Basically I'm wondering if there's a legitimate strategy to try to avoid obtaining XP? I just hit level 40 and unlocked the war board and just very easily breezed through it. The rewards were fantastic and I'm assuming as I level up it's just going to keep getting harder as I go against teams that have been playing longer.

I'm not sure the best way to go about actively AVOIDING XP though, other than avoiding on collecting many of the daily rewards bonuses. I'm still going to want to farm shards on hard mode I'd have to think.

Any thoughts about this?


  • GW only gets easier as you level tbh
  • micfool wrote: »
    GW only gets easier as you level tbh

    nope completely false, as you level up in your mid 40's you start facing teams 53 during the end. It gets easier when you're past a certain level but mid 40's-early 50's can be practically impossible facing level 60 teams with several characters 6-7 stars.
  • Qeltar
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    GW is important, but not so important as to deliberately tank progress in other areas of the game. You want to keep building your team, getting gear, getting shards, leveling up, unlocking abilities, etc.
    And yes, GW does get easier when you are higher level. When you are level 50, you can find yourself going up against teams 10 levels higher than you. When you are level 60, you can't. At level 59 today I found myself facing basically the same team levels I was level 50, maybe a touch harder but that's it.
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  • Thanks for the input. I can't help but think that with only 12 characters unlocked if I continue leveling up fast I'm going to end up getting demolished right around the corner.
  • I've gotten through GW nearly every time usually using only my main 5 and rotating in 2 or 3 others. You are better off with a few strong ones than a crowd of newbies.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
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