Want to beat the new tank challenge and Death Mark Mace?

Just use Teebo as a leader of your tank team.

Mine is only 3 stars, level 3 abilities, Gear V and about 2000 Power. And he´s the 6th stronger tank on my roster... but him giving stealth to other toons and TM reduction ability is key to this challenge.

Until today i lost all the INT Gear challenges level IV i´ve tryed... since this morning i´ve tryed 3 with teebo leadership... won 2 out of 3.

Enjoy the game!


  • papy72
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    What level/gear rating are the tanks you use?
  • I´m level 73


    Chewbacca (bid dog and bad ROI :neutral: ) - lvl 72 6* Gear VII
    RG - lvl 67 4* Gear VI
    Mace - lvl 66 4* Gear VI
    Boba Fett - lvl 61 4* Gear VI

    Have one more of relevance i´m not using:

    IG-100 Magna Guard: lvl 57 3* Gear V

    Other tanks like Plo Koon and etc. are not improved... (and won´t be for the foreseeable future :smiley: )
  • Never thought i'd be able to beat this challenge till i geared up my tanks more, but using Teebo was a great help

    My comp:
    Teebo (L) - lvl 72 2* 2/6 Gear IV
    Fives - lvl 66 4* 5/6 Gear VIII
    Chewie - lvl 54 5* 2/6 Gear VII
    Plo Koon - lvl 60 4* 3/6 Gear VII
    Royal Guard - lvl 53 3* 1/6 Gear VII

    Most of my comp has decent gear but their stars are low overall, and i still find it relatively easy and only one to die is usually Teebo, but he's seriously undergeared anyway
  • Magisto
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    The challenges have been updated and are now easier.
  • @Lynxyy glad it helped and you are able to complete the challenge

    @Magisto Yup they are easier now!
  • BeWary
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    Yeah, I've found Teebo as lead makes it pretty easy. With the occasional stun from RG, I just rely on my nearly-maxed-out Mace to take on himself. I rarely lose this challenge, and my other 4 tanks (besides Mace) are all pretty low powered.
  • Xaylin
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    I auto this challenge with teebo, rg, 5s, poe and St. High level 5s can solo auto it.
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