Padawan Obi-Wan Q/A

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Will his event be similar to the gungans? Like will the event give us extra shards/gear?
Yes, this event is very similar to the Gungan marquees.
On the topic of the exclusive DC, do you mean it is only obtainable in that specific tier of the marquee event? And not through "normal" means (conquest, shipments).
The Datacron for Padawan Obi-Wan is only available from the marquee and cannot be acquired by other means
Does POW's exclusive datacron expire like all others or will it be a perpetual DC?
It will expire like a normal Datacron.
Meathead! Baby! Honeychild! Muffin! Pookie! No question here, just trying out nicknames.
Will this version of Obi-Wan trigger Maul’s 5th stack of anguish?
Maul had Force beef with Obi-Wan from the moment they locked eyes. Yes, this version of Obi-Wan is counted for Maul’s Anguish.
What does the final 5 team composition look like without QA?
There are multiple teams that Padawan Obi-Wan can fit into, but he works especially well alongside Kelleran Beq, Ahsoka Tano, Mace Windu, and of course Master Qui-Gon. There’s quite a few variations here, including Ki-Adi-Mundi in place of other options listed.

"The first time Master Qui-Gon is defeated, Padawan Obi-Wan takes a bonus turn and gains 5% Offense for each Relic Amplifier level Master Qui-Gon had for 4 turns". So, does this mean, to word it differently, after MQG is defeated, he takes only one bonus turn and then for the next 4 turns, padawan gains %5 offense per relic level stacking? So, 4x (1.05 * Relic level) ? Is this stacking and/or it can go over the usual max 50%?
Yes, just one bonus turn. When MQG is defeated, we take a snapshot of MQG’s Relic level and that’s what Padawan Obi-Wan will gain for the 4 turn duration.
Is there a benefit for having his basic be extremely similar to Grand Master Yoda's?
Glad this was recognized! We did this for various gameplay and balance reasons, but also tried to thematically make it similar to Yoda as a nod to Ataru form, which Obi-Wan was quite well versed in, especially as a Padawan. Though he later would be much more recognized for his usage of Soresu.
What are "hero units" and how do they differ from normal raid units? Are they like "event units" where they are given but unmodifiable or something else?
Hero Units gain special modifiers specifically for the event or Territory Battle.
How does his datacron work? Do you just hand everyone a lvl 9 datacron that only works with POW?
When you beat the 7* tier of the event the first time you are given a Level 9 Datacron that is targeting Light Side/Galactic Republic/Padawan Obi-Wan with a static set of stats. While the Padawan Obi-Wan affix cannot be rolled as part of the new Datacron set that is releasing at the same time, this special Datacron is still “part of the set” so it will also expire at the same time as the rest of the set. While you can dismantle it early if you want, it will not be replaced and there is no other way to get a Padawan Obi-Wan Datacron with this set.
Which is the handsomest Kenobi in-game?
Did the animation team get a bonus for this kit? It's SMOKING
Our art department inspires us with excellence each and every release. It’s insane to witness the stuff they do.
CG_Miller: I kno rite? I can’t wait for players to see them on the PC client especially.
Will exclusive datacrons for marquees be the norm moving forward?
We’re always looking for new ways to reward players who commit to brand new characters early. Padawan Obi-Wan’s release coincided with the release of a new Datacron set so we had the idea of a character-specific Datacron as a reward for his Marquee. Feedback and performance will determine if/when we do something like this again in the future.

Is Queen Amidala going to be good without the new marquees? It will take a while to farm them, while Amidala is easy to max on day one.
Amidala has multiple teams that she can put together and will perform well with, though Master Qui-Gon and Padawan Obi-Wan will find an ideal home within her squad for sure.
Do you need the omicron in order to complete certain feats in the next conquest?
No. The Omicron is intended to make things easier certainly, but not required.

Is he still a powerful character outside of conquest? Does the speed up from the 1st special stack of CDs are reset. Also which dev worked on this kit. Shout out how awesome they are.
One of the goals we strive for on each character is that their performance within their game mode is an enhancement of an already cool and performant kit. So while he will definitely be stronger within Conquest, he was designed to perform well outside of it as well. And most importantly: he should (and in our opinion does) feel fun to use outside of Conquest (just a sprinkling of extra fun within it).

CG_Mouse worked on this kit and appreciates the shout out <3

How're you Meathead?
6Ft Above ground, slightly hungry, unlocked Jar Jar at 2am today so feeling pretty jazzed. My Gear supply, not so much.
What color MTG deck is he?
White and Red. Stalwart but also especially offense oriented. While we often recognize Obi-Wan as a thoughtful negotiator, his Padawan days were a bit more reckless and aggressive.


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    YOU NEVER SAID THE DATACRON SET WAS CALLED "TOGETHER. AS ONE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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