484mil Zeffo unlock guild looking for active players


we are a tb focused guild looking for active players who share the same mindset in farming platoons or for special missions.For TW there is the option of full defense but we would like for it to not be a regular occurance

Tb- 34* shooting for 35* this go.40+ reva 45 people ready for the zeffo mission 32 ready for the clone SM
Tw- 140-25 all time record

8.5-9 million GP
4Gl's and 1 meta fleet
reva ready
able to attempt or be ready to attempt the Zeffo SM with JKC or UFU cal
able to attempt or be ready to attempt the clone SM with R7 501 and cpt rex or BB with Omega
ready to start farming and unlock Bo by october to unlock mandalore

600 tickets a day
participate without an officer tracking you down
maintaion a rank of kyber 5
hitting the SBR and using teams effectively
able to pickup TB farms

our recruitment discord
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