Exhausting game crashes

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Hey everyone,

Posting here hoping someone has a magic fix as I'm out of ideas

Since the update a couple weeks back, I've had CONSTANT issues with the game.

Crashing as it loads into battles, crashing as I load I to the game. Freezing for random things.

I've reached out to CG meathead via discord, but not heard back.

I've tried the following to fix this, with no avail:

Clear cache Clear data Uninstall reinstall Connecting via WiFi and via 5g Changing the time on my phone (someone said this might work, I tried) Factory reset my phone. Fiddled with permissions for the app Looked at power settings

Game worked without a single crash until this last update, and now it's 7/8 uni stall reinstalls a day.

Please tell .e someone has some sort of magic fix. I'd been so excited to unlock exec today, and that took 3 hours thanks to freezes and crashes.

I dare t try to unlock slkr's ult, can imagine that being a huge waste of DS currency right now


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    this is a Device issue. CG has to fix it. But its mainly caused by your device.

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    I just spent a week and a half talking to the in game help and between 3 individuals none of them mentioned this (help chat is still active). I actually had to inform the Help about that info/link. Shouldn't it be the other way around lol? I have a stock Samsung 23 and the crashes have been really bad some days since the last update. I've been playing on this phone for a year with no issues until now.
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    I'm having a problem with the Gungan event. What can I do?
  • Lumiya
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    I'm having a problem with the Gungan event. What can I do?

    Do you mean that it lags? If yes, there is unfortunately nothing you can do, it has to do with the Gungans and how they are coded and that they work with lots of buffs and debuffs, which seems to overstrain the engine.
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