Join Rise Together! CST - 9.5m avg - 45/50@428m

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Rise Together

Now accepting Active 8 million gp or higher players from all corners of the Galaxy!

Active Daily!
8m minimum!
Participation in all Guild Events! (TB, TW, Raid)
Reva mission required as a f2p side focus!
No other requirements!

45/50 active players, 9.5m avg. 428m GP
Rote: 367=21, 385=22, 409= 25-5, 428=?
144m in Sbpr, TW= Winning strategy, TW-Omis & Datacrons encouraged .

We improve a lil every Tb, Tw, and raid!

Many of us have been together since the beginning of the game, either here or in other guilds, and over the years we've merged countless times to build the amazing crew we have today! Many were guild leaders and officers, so we take turns doing the things.

We use in-game chat for updates and questions, and conversation is always encouraged. We do have a discord, but the game is the main focus tho.

How We Operate:
We will not @ you or give specific platoon assignments in discord or anything. Everything is in game chat & banners, so if you miss you will be ridiculed in game chat banner, but we won't chase you down to remind you to play the game.
If someone is not active they will be sent away. (3 strikes/ ppl have lives- only blatant/intentional violations)

Guild Focus & Goals:
Semi-Competitive: guild events come first!
We agreed to f2p side farm for Reva mission! Many of us are already finishing them!
Reva mission required as a side focus!
Gungans expected as next side focus!
TW Omicron teams encouraged !
If interested, contact gannon009 on discord or join via this link:
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