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I write short stories for fun but was thinking about writing a Star Wars side timeline of a Ank Ki'Shor human resident named Jolo On'Po (Jah*low). Who has fallen into the Dark Side after his family were mistakenly killed by a Jedi Padawan during the Republic rule of Ank Ki'Shor. He finds himself as Darth Maul's padawan, Darth Vyris, under Sidious' direct orders. After the assumed death of Darth Maul; Vyris still felt his master but it was feint. Sidious assured Vyris that his master's death was not only a loss for himself but a loss for the Galactic Empire's as a whole.

Vyris, being a native of an intergalactic trade planet, was not ignorant to the art of "empty talk."

He continues privatley tracing his master back to Mandalore; only two days after being killed by Sidious.

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