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HONEY BADGERS are looking to fill one spot ASAP. We have been around since day one and are EXTREMELY stable. Currently at 514 mil GP. GREAT environment and we have a TON of fun in game chat and on discord. Discord includes an anything goes channel, a gear exchange channel, a leave of absence channel (we understand real life comes first), counters channel, raid channel, conquest channel, food channel and one just for jokes among many others. We try to keep it light and fun while kicking butt in all facets of the game. We’re US EST based, but have members in all different time zones.
Looking for focused players that don't need to be reminded to get their daily tickets, compete in guild events and work as part of the team. LOOKING FOR LONG-TERM PLAYERS. Would prefer 10+ mil gp but 9mil+ GP's will be considered with the right attitude and roster. Extremely competitive in TW and TB. WE HIT ABOVE OUR WEIGHT. Dedicated officers willing to work for the guild and give any advice or help needed to help folks progress.

-Currently pushing for the 424 mil box in Speeder Bike Raid
-36 stars in ROTE (SOON TO BE MORE!)
-245 wins in TW & we’re consistently ranked in the top 150 guilds in the game (we love the swarm attacks. We're Badgers lol)
-use discord & be registered on swgoh.gg
-get 450 daily tickets minimum (most get 600)
-contribute in all aspects of the game & be a team player
-"Never say die" attitude with guild events. We like to win
*** We are NOT an Alliance. Just one guild/family of players who love each other working together to be the best we can be
If this sounds like a fit or if you have questions, please contact walt6611 on discord


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