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Looking for a more laid back guild. I have a roster that should pass 11 million this year. I have only ever been with one guild.


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    Sorry 11 million this week.
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    Could join us at chaos420priests.tb gp deployment and raid participation necessary.
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    Hey Ike, Are you still looking for a guild? We're called NO CHORES (464mil+ GP) and I think you could be a good fit for ours.

    We earn 145+mil in Speeder raid, and are all currently farming GL Leia for even more points.

    Territory Wars and Battles:
    We do well in TW, and always get droid brains. We're currently earning 24* + 10-12 Reva shards in ROTE, but that number is always increasing..

    We don't have any strict rules, but are looking for players (8mil GP minimum) who are active and are able to contribute to guild activities (HSTR, territory battles, etc.). We understand that people have lives, so there are no daily requirements or discord needed.

    Contact Us:
    • Guild Leader: GrendelKhan (Forum), Ally Code: 442-672-591
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    If you're still searching for a guild check us out!
    NF2G is 337m GP. Only real requirement is activity, no absence passed 3 days without notice. Aside from that we are relaxed. 18 stars ROTE.
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