Still looking: 11 million, 10 million, 8.4 million GP players looking for ship

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Ship found

Three friends looking for a good ship where the player base focuses on fun. We set our defenses and get it done. Not interested in ships with rigid rules. We follow guides, set defenses as ordered etc.

Our 530 million GP ship had multiple retirements. New ship doesn’t have to be that high.

We all have discord and SWGOH.GG accounts

11.7 million GP: All GLs and ships, Bane, Queen, Jar Jar and friends etc

10.6 million GP: 7 GLs and all ships but Levi, has Bane

8.4 million GP: 5 GLs and finishing 7* Executor
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    Like 99.9% sure this ain't the route you're looking for competitive and rewards wise but on the off chance. Check out Yub this Nub. New laid back guild tired of try harding, night shift healthcare workers just trying to have some fun and get decent rewards but are on consistently, will rotate through all raids and tbs so if you want rewards just participate. Looking for active members to help out With raid ticket production. We've more been helping some younglings along and enjoying ourselves as we grow out of our fledgling state
    Ally code 689-719-754
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    Chaos420priests has some spots available.we ask for tb gp deployment and raid participation.other than that it's whatever u wanna do.
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    Figured I'd reach out again and leave this here 😅🤣
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