General statement here, but we need more video game toons

Not saying what we have now is bad, the KotOR 1 crew, KotOR 2 Sith, JFO crew, Starkiller, KK, are all some of my favorite additions. But it still bothers me that we're missing the KotOR 2 cast as neutral unaligned force users, the Jedi Survivor crew and villians, and Delta Squadron. Especially with the drought of new and good Star Wars content, I'm really hoping we go back to one of these once we're done revisiting the Phantom Menace


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    "Good" is debatable, but who says we don't have new Star Wars content?
    I need a new message here.
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    They still haven't added Meeko and Hask from BF2
    Sometimes a door is just a door
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    xpgammer wrote: »
    They still haven't added Meeko and Hask from BF2

    Or Admiral Versio
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    Why are most the threads in off topic about the game? Even the description says this is a place for things other then the game. It's like one person posted about the game and everyone followed lol. The reason I ask is this should be in Feedback instead of here, not sure why so many post game stuff in here.
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