Execute order 141 - 385.GP looking for 1

Execute Order 141

We are a UK/USA 385.GP based guild going to be looking for 1 spot to fill after this TB, If you are interested in joining you must have at least 7+GP But certain considerations can be made for lower GP depending on what your roster looks like. We as a collective base are a fun and knowledgeable group that are TB focused, Look by now everyone in this gaming world should know what it takes to succeed, either money or your doing this in a F2P way. So… TB, Discord are mandatory and we require at least a minimum of 450 raid tickets daily that is not to much to ask. But TW is play at will ( But Preferred )and if you sign up you play. We don’t ask for guild farming, in return we ask for FULL participation in guild events in every phase. What we offer….

DSHoth - Max LSHoth - Max
DSGeo - 31*/36 Wat Shards LSGeo - 11*
Rote - 22*

We are Focused on The Speeder bike raid for now as well as Rote but may sprinkle in some Geo events from time to time. If you are interested! Please either DM me or you can join our discord server and have a chat with myself ( Rathius ) or our other Officers/Leader. Below is 2 links:

First is our Guild on swgoh.gg so you can look at our numbers.


Second is our discord server link.


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