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"This unit's stats scale with the summoner's stats" Do the values differ depending on who summoned him?
Yes, the Rebel Trooper’s stats will be slightly different depending on who summoned him (Luthen or Mon Mothma)
What's the point in granting Mon Mothma additional offense with "What Do I Sacrifice?" Mon Mothma's leadership applies at the start of battle so granting her more offense wouldn't do anything right?
The extra Offense will not affect anything in her kit, but the Turn Meter reduction immunity will be more useful. They were stated in the same sentence for brevity.
Who can What Do I Sacrifice? target? One place it says “target Rebel Fighter or Mon Mothma ally”, another it says “target Rebel ally”, and in the Omicron it says “target Rebel Fighter ally”. Will the bonuses be different if a non-Rebel-Fighter, Rebel ally is targeted?
This is a description bug that we will be fixing in a future update.
If luthen gets revived while a rebel captain/trooper is active will he still automatically promote them?
Yes, even if Luthen is defeated, all Rebel Troopers will be promoted to Rebel Commander. Mon Mothma has gotten a LOC update to reflect this.
Does the 30% defense reduction on basic ability go away in Grand Arena if he’s called to assist?
Nope, the Defense reduction will only change targets if it’s used on a different enemy during Luthen’s turn
Which weaknesses in the teams of Saw and Mon Mothma do you expect Luthen to address? How does his kit mitigate these weaknesses?
Luthen patches up some weaknesses in both squads. For starters, Mon Mothma should hold ground much better against Wampa while on Defense and Saw Gerrera’s squad will be able to output much more damage right away without needing to ramp up.

The Strategy Tips say that Luthen's Special 1 Omicron can let Mon Mothma ignore taunt, but the Omicron ability description only mentions 'Target Rebel Fighter ally'. So can it let Mothma ignore taunt or not?
This is a description bug, MM can ignore Taunt if she is selected
Which stats will the summon scale off of? (Hp/prot/speed/defense/offense)
The same stats that Mon’s summon would scale off of

I think it’s really interesting to make his entire kit function differently depending on who is leading the team. How did programming that work?
The abilities that work differently have essentially a really complicated “IF/THEN” statement that checks “IF Saw Gerrera is Leader THEN do X” and “IF Saw is not Leader THEN do Y”

In the final omicron portion of Luthen's "Dreams With Ghosts" Unique, does the clause "The first time the Rebel Commander is defeated in each battle, summon a Rebel Trooper and promote them to Rebel Commander." fall under the condition of Mon Mothma's leadership, or is that an entirely separate clause that will that work under any leadership?
This will work with any Leader assuming Rebel Troopers can be summoned
Does "cant be reduced below 100% health" mean immune to instakill, I know he technically cant be targeted but if SEE were to link him before the commander shows up, then try to instakill after, is he immune?
“Can’t be reduced below x% health” means they are immune to instakill abilities.
What color deck is he? I was thinking Blue or Green
Blue Black, Luthen is Dimir all the way.
If Luthen Rael was a Star Citizen ship, which would he be?
An Eclipse…or Buccaneer
The summoned Rebel Commander, what role is he classified as - (ie tank, attacker, etc), and does the Rebel Commander also receive role bonuses granted to the team?
The Rebel Commander is an Attacker, same as Mon Mothma’s Rebel Commander. The Rebel Commander will also receive role bonuses granted to the team.
Why three Omicrons?
Our typical Marquee units will have 1 Omicron ability, while Journey Guide or Conquest units will have 3 each. This is in line with the higher power of these units.
Do you think it’s possible we could see more characters that function differently on different teams like Luthen?
We did this for Luthen because of how he operated on the show Andor, leading a dual life and acting differently around Mon Mothma than he did around Saw Gerrera. Doing this increases the time to balance a character as well as QA them, so we’ll likely only be doing it in special cases where we need a unit to work differently under different leaders.
Thank you! Luthen is 1 of my 2 all time SWGOH character wants!
Who is your other one?
Whats the preference on his team? MM or Saw? In your own opinion.
As Luthen’s designer, I found both to be equally fun and powerful which was my main goal. Depending on the Leader, the team plays very differently and is able to defeat different enemy squads, but if I had to choose, I really like how the team plays with Saw as the Leader since letting your Rebel Commanders die at strategic times leads to some crazy combos with your Attackers.
Does the 30% offense that Luthen gives on his special 1 to Mon Mothma mean that her summoned Rebel fighter would also gain these stats? Would this gain be immediate or next time the Rebel Trooper is summoned?
Summon stats are determined by the summoner’s stats at the start of battle, so any stat changes later on in the match will not affect the summoned unit’s stats.
"Axis: All Rebel Fighter allies dispel all debuffs from themselves. For each debuff dispelled, they gain 10% Turn Meter." Does this mean that each ally individually gains Turn Meter for each debuff dispelled on their own selves, or each debuff dispelled on all allies?
Each ally individually gains Turn Meter for each debuff dispelled

If GL Leia and Mon Mothma are allies, and Mothma summons a Rebel Trooper, will Luthen still promote him to Rebel Commander?
Was the lack of synergy with andor deliberate due to Rael's indifference to Andor once they part ways?
I’d like to reiterate that Luthen’s summon is an “Expendable Asset” when under Saw. Additionally we wanted to leave some meat on the old design bone for how those characters might interact with one another in the future.
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