Kit Concept: Galactic Legend Old Master Maul

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Unit Name: Old Master Maul

Relic Amplifier: Sith Holocron

Affiliation: Dark Side

Class: Tank

Tags: Galactic Legend, Leader, Unaligned Force User

  • This version of Maul is based on his appearance in 'Star Wars: Rebels' and 'Solo: A Star Wars Story', as well as his legendary skin in 'Star Wars: Battlefront II' (2017)
  • 'Furious Throw' is based on the scene in the Season 2 finale where he kills the Seventh Sister
  • He is classed as a Tank because, according to Obi-Wan Kenobi, he is difficult to take down
  • The Hatred effect is inspired by him using his hatred for Obi-Wan to stay alive
  • His legendary event, Old Wounds, chronicles his journey from Sith Assassin in 'The Phantom Menace' to Ruler of Mandalore in 'The Clone Wars' to Hermit in 'Rebels'
  • He is the Dark Side Counter to Galactic Legend Ahsoka Tano (Ronin)

Attacks and Abilities

Unrelenting Slice
Deal Special Damage to target enemy and deal Physical Damage to the weakest enemy and inflict Blind for 2 turns. Each enemy damaged gains Dark Interlocking for 2 turns. Then, grant the weakest Dark Side Unaligned Force User ally (excluding Inquisitorius) Foresight for 1 turn.

Dark Interlocking: At the end of this unit's turn, it and another random ally suffering Dark Interlocking lose 25% Evasion and Potency, and drain 10% of their own Max Health. This damage can't defeat enemies.

Special 1: Exact Revenge (Cooldown: 4)
Dispel all debuffs on a random Dark Side Unaligned Force User ally (excluding Inquisitorius) and inflict Dark Interlocking for 1 turn on the highest Health enemy. All Dark Side Unaligned Force User allies (excluding Inquisitorius) gain Retribution for 2 turns.

Special 2: Furious Throw (Cooldown: 6)
Deal Special Damage to all enemies. Enemies not damaged by this attack are inflicted with Fear for 2 turns, which can't be copied, dispelled, prevented, or resisted. Enemies that are damaged by this attack are inflicted with Dark Interlocking for an extra turn. Then, grant 50% Turn Meter to enemies inflicted with Dark Interlocking below 25% Turn Meter. This attack starts on cooldown.

Leader: All Part of the Plan
All Dark Side Unaligned Force User allies (excluding Inquisitorius) lose 20% Max Health and gain that much Max Protection, and have +25 Mastery, +45% Potency and 30% Evasion.

If all allies are Dark Side Unaligned Force Users (Excluding Inquisitorius) at the start of battle, Old Master Maul starts the battle with Damage Immunity and Taunt for 2 turns, which can't be Dispelled, and all allies start the battle with Stealth for 2 turns.

All enemies start the battle with Dark Interlocking for 1 turn (excluding Galactic Legends and Raid Bosses)

Unique 1: Consumed by Revenge
Old Master Maul deals 30% more damage to enemies inflicted with Dark Interlocking. Whenever an enemy's health is drained, Old Master Maul gains Taunt for 1 turn. Whenever he inflicts Dark Interlocking on an enemy, Old Master Maul removes 5% Turn Meter from enemies and grants a Dark Side Unaligned Force User ally (excluding Inquisitorius) 15% Turn Meter. Additionally, Old Master Maul reduces his own cooldowns by 1 whenever an enemy with Dark Interlocking is defeated.

The first time Old Master Maul is reduced to 1% Health, he gains Hatred.

Hatred: +25% Critical Chance, +100% Defence and Offense; when this character is defeated, they revive with 100% Health and gain 100% Turn Meter; can't be copied, dispelled or prevented.

Unique 2: Galactic Legend
This unit takes reduced damage from percent Health damage effects and massive damage effects. They take massive damage from destroy effects (excludes raid bosses) and are immune to stun effects.
This unit has +10% Max Health and Max Protection per Relic Amplifier level, and damage they receive is decreased by 30%.

Ultimate: Hatred
Requires 100% Ultimate Charge to activate.

Ultimate Charge: Old Master Maul gains 4% Ultimate Charge whenever Dark Interlocking expires on an ally or enemy. If Old Master Maul is in the Leader slot, he gains 6% Ultimate Charge.

Old Master Maul deals Physical damage to all enemies and Dispels Dark Interlocking from them. Then, all enemies are inflicted with Ability Block, Tenacity Down, Defence Down, Potency Down, Speed Down, Healing Immunity, Buff Immunity, Blind and Daze for 3 turns, which can't be Dispelled, Prevented or Resisted. For each Dark Interlocking dispelled, all Dark Side Unaligned Force User allies (excluding Inquisitorius) take damage equal to 8% of their Max Health and Old Master Maul gains that much Max Health.
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