Game freeze during gac, report?

My gane just froze up during gac. Easy match with my see/wat against jml/basti/wat. I got my tank tech and couldn't do anything. Internet was working. Now i have a loss and no counter left. Probably will lose gac now.
Should i report this ingame? And would that be of any use to me?


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    Same and it's ongoing for many months. Since the coming of JAR JAR Binks. And it's not fixed. Samsung S23 Or any device that uses SnapDragon newest processor have that intermittent freezes. Some games updated/Patched their games it seems not SWGOH.
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    It has happened to me during GAC, TW, and just now the Bo special mission in TB. This is ridiculous. It happens when I cannot do a battle or mission again. Come on CG fix your game.
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