Old Guild needs new blood

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Force Born is recruiting. Our old day 1 guild has seen better days and we’re losing members because they aren’t getting carried as fast as before. Steady daily players. 7-10+ mil GP minimum to join. Currently doing the new Speed Bike raid and ROTE. Looking for other players focused on getting to Zeffo/Mandalore as well as Reva. Would be open to merger talks if the right situation arrived but only into us. We could only take at most 15 -18 currently depending on if you’re really a daily player. We aren’t going anywhere so if you’re a daily player looking for an active new home that’s steady and focused, join up with us! The Force Born!!! It’s open to join but you will be removed if you don’t meet the core requirements. We don’t use discord or any of that anymore. Must know what you’re doing. Experienced guild. Thanks for looking.
Ally code : 132-787-667
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