Bane/Talon versus JMK/CAT

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With only Bane and Darth Talon, Talon’s Proven Loyalty has that if the leader would be defeated, they instead dispel all debuffs, recover 100% health.and gain 100% TM. However, I tested this duo versus a JMK squad and saw that CAT’s leap, which is a defeat move, took out Bane without a savior from Talon. Am I missing something in the kits here?
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    It's an instant defeat from cat, so it shouldn't apply (same as jedi revans savior mechanic, if nihilus or mando one punches one of your team it's an instant ko without savior activating)
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    Revans savior processes when the first Jedi would be dropped below 1% health which doesn’t happen with Nihlus, Mando, or CAT.

    Talon statement is that it processes when the leader would be defeated.
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    QGJ’s omicron should also prevent such defeats while QGJ is active - but it doesn’t
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    CG is just not consistent with which "savior" mechanics stop instant defeat and which do not. Fives, for example, will save allies from instant defeat abilities.
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    From, revive condition mechanics description:

    Talon - "Child effects are applied on: Receive Damagephysical_damage, Receive Damagespecial_damage, Receive Damageunmitigable_damage, Receive Damageeffect_damage"

    JKR - "Child effects are applied on: Pre Receive Damagephysical_damage, Pre Receive Damagespecial_damage, Pre Receive Damageunmitigable_damage, Pre Receive Damageexpose_damage, Pre Receive Damagebomb_damage, Pre Receive Damageeffect_damage, Pre Receive Damagebonds_of_weakness_damage"

    Fives - "Child effects are applied on: Receive Damagephysical_damage, Receive Damagespecial_damage, Receive Damageunmitigable_damage, Receive Damageeffect_damage, Receive Damagedestroy, Receive Damagedevour, Receive Damageannihilate, Receive Damagedisintegrate"

    So, while wording is similar the actual mechanic of Talon doesn't trigger on any form of "instant death" effect, while in case of Fives does.
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    Savior mechanics are for the units losing health and protection from damage.
    Instant defeat does no damage.
    In top of that CAT force leap dispels all savior mechanic tags in the background just to make sure she can insta kill them
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    Talon and Fives have their uniques triggering to prevent when the appropriate ally “would be defeated” however they are coded differently as shown above. Talon should prevent the ally being defeated with CAT’s leap, or a similar destroy effect, just as Fives does.

    JKR’s unique has it triggering if the appropriate ally is reduced below 1% health, then JKR should not save an ally from CAT’s leap.

    As the wording of Talon’s unique does not mention defeated by damage, either the code or the wording should be changed.
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