Not getting the new quests for players under level 85

I have a account under level 85 and did not get any of the new quest to help level up

My ally code is:


  • thecooldue1996
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    edited June 12
    still the same here EA get ya crap together take me months go from 77 to 85 vs people doing it in few days already facing lightspeed bundle buyers at least give me some xp to open up weekly events

    I also only have ONE quest and its to get B1 to 7 stars his node isn't even unlocked yet....
  • rout
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    I'm in the same boat, missing a bunch of the quests... Ally code: 357-995-872
    I opened a ticket (I think from the EA Help thing in game, no confirmation though so it could've just gone into the nether). Have they said anything about this topic?
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    At level 78 you get some quest sorry I was wrong
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