Wrong challenges displayed on new player quest


I believe CG may not have been paying attention when they chose the challenges for these quests. I started a new account to see how quickly you could advance through the same, and it’s been a pleasant experience so far. However, I’ve run into a main quest here that isn’t possible to complete until I’m level 72, so I’m now stonewalled around the 50s and 60s for a month if this is intentional. The challenges don’t exactly match up here - the Ability Material challenge is available to complete at Tier IV when this quest is unlocked, but the Gear challenges aren’t. I don’t think CG realizes that the Ability Materials, Training Droids, and Credits challenges work differently than the various Gear ones. I would appreciate it if I could get some feedback on whether this is intentional or an issue, because the new player experience wouldn’t have changed at all if this is intentional.


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    Additional information:
    I’m level 58 at the time of making this post, so I obviously don’t have access to two of these challenge tiers. The main quests seem to follow each other in a sequential order, so you can’t unlock new main quests without completing the last (which is impossible).
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