Kit Concept: Doctor Hemlock

Royce Hemlock was a human male doctor and scientist who served the Galactic Empire as Chief Scientist of the clandestine Advanced Science Division and spearheaded Project Necromancer, a secret clone research project that was considered to be of great importance to Emperor Palpatine for the longevity of the Galactic Empire.

Hemlock was originally an officer in the science corps of the Galactic Republic and became acquainted with the Kaminoan Chief Medical Scientist Nala Se but would be expelled in disgrace due to his unorthodox experiments.

Coming to prominence during the early Imperial Era, Hemlock was assigned to the highly classified Tantiss Base around 18 BBY in order to lead operations of the Imperial cloning program, where he held ambitions of ascending to the position of scientific minister and sought to fully unlock secrets known only to the Kaminoans for an envisioned enlightened society.


Unit Name: Doctor Hemlock
Relic Amplifier: Blood Vial
Affiliation: Dark Side
Class: Support
Categories: Leader, Empire

Attacks and Abilities

Basic: Unethical Experimentation
Deal Physical damage to target enemy and inflict 1 stack of Damage Over Time for 2 turns. If the target enemy is a Clone Trooper, they gain 2 stacks of Damage Over Time.

Special 1: Study the Specimens (Cooldown: 4)
Inflict Expose on all enemies for 2 turns. For each enemy inflicted with Expose, Doctor Hemlock gains 1 stack of Insight (max 4) until the next time this ability is used and all Empire allies gain Foresight for 1 turn.

Special 2: Break Resolve (Cooldown: 4)
Summon a Clone Assassin if there is an empty ally slot. If the Clone Assassin is already active, he gains Offense Up and Stealth for 2 turns. Then, Doctor Hemlock inflicts Torture on target enemy for 2 turns, which can't be Dispelled or Prevented. Empire allies gain Accuracy Up and Potency Up for 2 turns.

Leader: Advanced Science Division
Empire allies have +50% Max Health and Protection. In addition, the strongest enemy starts the battle with Torture.

Unique 1: Project Necromancer
When an Empire ally is defeated, Doctor Hemlock has a 60% chance to Revive them at 40% Health and Protection and 10% Turn Meter. If Emperor Palpatine is in the leader slot, he can't be Defeated while Doctor Hemlock is alive.

Additionally, whenever an Empire ally is Revived, Doctor Hemlock gains 15% Turn Meter and +10% Tenacity and Potency (stacking, max +60%).

While in Territory Battles and if all allies are Empire excluding Galactic Legends: Whenever an Empire ally is defeated, Doctor Hemlock has a 100% chance to Revive them at 100% Health and Protection and 50% Turn Meter. Then, all enemies gain 2 stacks of Damage Over Time for 3 turns, which can't be Evaded or Resisted.

Unique 2: Clone Assassin
Dark Side, Attacker, Clone Trooper, Empire
(Basic) Attack from Afar
Deal Physical damage to target enemy, twice if under Stealth.
(Special) Time-Rigged Explosives (Cooldown: 3)
Inflict Thermal Detonators on all enemies which explode after 1 turn. Clone Assassin gains +2% Offense for each Thermal Detonator that explodes.
(Unique) Deep Cover
Clone Assassin gains Stealth for 2 turns whenever he is damaged.
(Unique) Summoned
This unit's stats scale with the summoner's stats. This unit can only be summoned to the ally slot if it's available. This unit can't be summoned in raids. This unit can't be revived. If an effect counts defeated units, this unit doesn't count. When there are no other allied combatants, this unit escapes from battle. A unit can't be revived if this summoned unit exists in their slot.


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    This is such a good kit. You should be hired by CG and get a good chunk of thse characters out here.

    Be cool to see you do some touchup and rework kit concepts too.
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