Beating phase 2 of gl leia event

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I swear this is the worst gl event I've bothered to go all out for. I planned ahead for the second phase reading all about the difficulty and did the mod swap and took rolo and cap solo to relic 9 just to have advantage since I'd have to run this phase numerous times. Yet everytime I've attempted the phase against Vader I get slaughtered before I can make a dent on him. Is there a trick or actually helpful strategy on how to beat him?
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    I used this guide with R5 Han and Leia and Leia's zeta. Only dropped one battle when vader took out 3po, but the rest were pretty smooth.
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    I did some testing and speed on leia was crucial to increase chance to win. 316 speed was giving me 5 wins out of six tries. I had like 140% potency on her too. When i increased potency to 148% but had lower speed like 311 i lost 3 times out of 3 tries. Crit avoidance arrow and potency on han and speed like 260 is helpfull.
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    From my experience all those guides may be helpful but can't guarantee anything. I did (and failed) more than enough tries with stats which duplicates or surpasses those in guides. With R5 toons the rng factor in this battle is so huge that in one fight with same mods and strategy you can kill Vader before he even takes a turn and in the next he just shrugs off debuffs and annihilates the team. Most of my fights were like 7.57 on the video, or even faster losses because enemy just focused Han.

    P.S. Just did the battle several times with trash mods (80/100 potency, almost no tenacity, 250/230 speed) and got 2-3 which is better than my actual tries with 300+ speeds and 120+ potency. Sheer luck.
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    Speed, Potency, Crit Avoidance. I left them at R5 and I think went 3/4 or 3/5.
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