Need Allies

New to the game and want to progress . Appears I can’t much without allies

If anyone is interested


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    Send me a request.

    Also if you have a preferred ally toon, LMK. I have to play one battle with the toon you want for that to become the active ally toon on your screen.

    Remember that there are multiple places where allies are available --
    LS Missions
    DS Missions
    Cantina Missions
    and I think Mod Battles (but definitely not challenges). I'd have to double check MBs.

    In any case, LMK the toon that would work best for each of those.

    One trick, just so you know, the best LS toon for a long, long time is going to be GAS. His 501st allies can't take health damage while he has protection, and at r3+ there's nothing in LS battles that's going to take his protection down for a long time. Many people have him at r7 or r8 and he can survive without losing his protection even at the high end stage 8/9 battles.

    You can't use him on DS, but you can put a level 1/gear 1 Ahsoka Tano in as your only toon, borrow a relic GAS, and 3-star missions every time.

    That's probably your best bet for LS & Cantina (& Mod Battles if you really can use allies there).

    For DS you probably want a pre-taunting tank or something with an insta-kill AoE. You could use Geonosian Brood Alpha (summons the Brute, which is a taunting tank), ShoreTrooper, or Lord Vader pretty easily. nu Bo Katan or SLKR as well (just use SLKR's AoE, don't bother ramping)

    But, of course, if you've got a squad you're using and want the related leader, that's fine too. Just tell folks what you need and most of us would be happy to take the time.
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    324-479-646 just cleaned up 5 allies that were gone long time. Let me know which hero you want me to put in.
    Make Bronzium autoplay opening an option.
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