Zeffo Mission - Cere’s Cooldowns Stuck

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Today when I played the Zeffo mission at the end of phase 2 of TB, in the second wave, Cere’s cooldown on Determined Assault got stuck and would not reduce so I could use it. This was after second sister was dead.

It got stuck at 3 turns remaining to use. It stayed at 3 for about four of Cere’s turns, then stuck at 2 for about 4 more, then went to 1, then went back up to 2. I eventually died before I could use Determined Assaukt on the last DT.

I’ve read the kits and event abilities, but do not see why her cooldowns would not reduce. All other abilities cooled down like normal.

Is this working as intended or a bug?


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    It's because of her unique:
    "At the end of each of her turns, Cere's cooldowns are increased by 1. Whenever an enemy takes a turn, her cooldowns are decreased by 1."
    The enemy probably didn't take many turns.
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    You want Cere to be modded for slow speed so that the enemy takes lots of turns compared to her.

    When you have 3 enemies on the field (2nd sister, Purge Trooper, and the summoned IPD), it's not that hard even if you're faster you're taking 1 turn or maybe 2 to their 3. But once you kill one of the enemies, now you're taking 1 turn or maybe 2 to their 2 -- which means that if you're fast enough, your cooldowns remain stuck forever.

    Are you using JKCK or Cal Jr?
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    Thanks. That’s it. I forgot to check her unique.
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    What speed are you running on Cere?

    If it's over 225 I'd cut it back. (You can also be too slow, but that's not the problem you're having.)
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    Slow Cere with Cal, fast Cere with JKC. Per BitDynasty
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