Bear witness to the birth of a new alliance.

Our guild's cantina is full and a passion for new challenges have inspired the next stage in our growth story.

On 4 July 2024, we invite Kyber and Aurodium players in particular to join us in the fight for who controls the galaxy.

I will return here on that day with the name of the new guild, and details about its objectives.

We plan for our members to hit the holotables running, so if you are interested, keep your eyes open. More news is coming!


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    First 4 members, transferring from alliance guild, expected to join within the next week.

    The first objective of Abeloth's Call is effective immediately and available for viewing in the guild's chat.
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    Guild GP anticipated to be at 27M by 19 July.
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    Congrats on the forum name change Whills 😉
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    Presently at 3 members with a high rate of farming. If you are productive enough to sustain yourself on shipments for up to 3 weeks, we'll have added rewards for you on the other side of that.

    By that time, I expect we'll have made it to 10 members. Current objective includes a 7-star character and an essential omicron/zeta.

    Our cantina awaits!

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    Our dedicated members are now generating ~600 raid tickets each per day. More to join over the weekend.
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    Our first Territory War is tentative for late August. Building rosters until then.
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