New player experience didn’t give me certain rewards

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Hi so I just started 2 weeks ago and have been having a blast. I am currently doing sort of an executor rush and have been grinding for the requirements. I noticed an article ( that basically says that I should be getting these quests for certain units. In the sample picture, stuff like the tie bomber, x1 advanced, bossk and dengar would be included. However, when I got my hyperdrive bundle, it didn’t give me their shards. Instead I had to grind them all on my own. Is there a fix? I tried contacting the ingame support but they dont seem to understand. Here are some screenshots of some of the units: z9cqvnblzhbw.png

Thank you so much!!

EDIT: I also cant seem to find any quests that reward me with the shards I was supposed to get..
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    The post doesn't say new players will be given that stuff. It says if you follow the expected quests and such you will end up with that stuff.

    For example, it says that the original had you getting leia, old ben, stormtrooper han. You were never given those toons all the way to max stars or anything. They were requirements in quests, like "get old ben to 4 stars". So you follow the old path you ended up with old ben, but you were not just handed him.

    They have made all that stuff on the right of the picture way easier to get though. Like greef, mando, rebel y-wing, tie bomber are all now possible options in the gal war store where they never were before.

    Also, that post and picture have nothing to do with the hyperdrive bundle.
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    Oh, I suppose your problem might have something to do with the hyperdrive bundle actually.

    If you bought that, then you skipped a bunch of quests, so you never needed to get a bunch of the stuff on the list.

    In any case, looking at that graphic and thinking it is a list of stuff you are given is wrong. It's a list of what you would collect in order to achieve all the quests.
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    Ahh i see, is there a way to recover these quests? Or at least do them again? Some of them would save me alot of time grinding, for example the tie advanced. Thank you!
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    When they launched the new player experience, they took all the max levels off the quests so that you wouldn't miss out. But then some interaction allowed some long time players to get the quests again, others not. The players who couldn't get them again cried so much that they turned that off. So now there is no way for you to get them, thanks to a bunch of whiney "what about me" people.
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    Well that sucks... thanks so much for the answers bro!
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