Early/midgame player looking for advice! 2.3m GP

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Hi I’m a new player looking for advice, currently nearing the end of my JKR journey and looking for some direction as I’ve watched a lot of videos and am not really sure what the next step for my roster is. I’m not really sure if I should continue to round out my teams on my roster for GAC and TW or if I should start pushing for Darth revan or push GAS

My ally code is 993-879-326

Current objectives of mine are:
  • Target bounty hunter ships to get 7star Millennium falcon
  • Target bosk, mando and greef to 7star for chewie 7 star and to round out a BH team
  • Finishing grievous 7star/team and chipping away at malevolence (I think my next zeta should be on B2)
  • Putting my next omicron on Poggle for TW (is there a different omi I should do first?)

Considering any of the following objectives
  • Considering building an imperial troopers team (not sure if I focus on veers or farm iden as I’d also be getting xandu blood shards for BH ships/falcon)
  • Considering targeting C-3PO and chewPO next for a CLS team (if I do target CLS do i just do the bare minimum for Ewoks or do I bring them up?)
  • Considering farming Mara jade and getting an empire team running
  • Considering targeting clones/501st for GAS
  • Considering gearing traya and co and farming sion for a solid sith lead team
  • Considering focusing on general kenobi for jkr team and making a strong padme team behind it?
  • also wondering if there are toons people think I really should just focus on relic-ing up and where to relic them up to

Please let me know if I’m making any mistakes in my goals. If I should be focusing on something that I’m not Are there any teams that I’m close to that I’m overlooking? Do you think my long term target of GAS is wise what would an optimal JKR team look like with where my roster is now, should I focus on farming any additional toons or ships up?
Additionally what should my ship teams look like for GAC/ ship arena, I feel as if that’s somewhere I need quite a bit of direction. What zetas should I be targeting/am I over looking that would really help my team output, should I just focus on getting jkr maxed with zetas and making 1 amazing team or do I kind of spread the wealth like I’ve been doing to be sure I’m winning in GAC
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