Frustration with lightspeed bundles

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I’m returning player after taking a break for several years. I’m loving all the interest in the game now and particularly enjoying all of the YouTube coverage. It really helps a lot. Of Particular interest are these lightspeed bundles that I have not yet had the opportunity to purchase. My concern is The extra attention I’m having to spend making sure that I don’t waste valuable resources purchasing heroes that are included in the bundles. I obviously want to purchase the bundles when they are available again, but my understanding is that once you do this, any progress you’ve made with those heroes, is immediately replaced with the bundle version. I have found a list of five bundles and their contents, but I believe there may be even more including ships that I’m not aware of. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this dilemma.

I just get 1 million power and would appreciate anyone who has allies to share. Thanks for the read.


  • Blubcop
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    Any char that is acquired through the journey guide will not be in a LSB. So especially the chars on top of the journey guide may be interesting while you wait for new or old LSB to return as they require very low gear to unlock and any gear you put in the unlocked char will never be wasted.
  • Nemesis
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    Appreciate the advice
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