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Hi everyone!

I’m a new player to this game, and started around 2 weeks ago. Since that time, I’ve developed a Phoenix squad and reached Level 69. I haven’t yet decided where I want my path to be, through this game, and was looking for advice as for where to go, with the goals of progressing quickly, and having the most fun!

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    Hello there,

    Phoenix team with Captain Rex is a very strong team that can take you to middle game and beyond.
    I would pair that team with a Dark Side Bounty Hunters team. they have cool ships; they are required in a number of journeys (Chewie, Falcon, Executor and more) and are eligible for some events (one Assault battle, credit heist, bounties and contraband cargo). Another DS team to consider is the geonosians: they are not as versatile as bounty hunters but they are difficult to deal with in arena, especially in the early game and they have ships too (3).

    If you're going to stay free-to-play, Imho Phoenix and Bounty Hunters are the best teams to start a fresh game. About Bounty Hunters, I would give priority to the ones with a ship: Bossk, Boba, Cad, IG-88. And I would add Jango (for a full DS team) and Greef Karga and Mando (for efficiency). There is a LSB also for geonosians that will take them up to Relic 3.

    If you are going to spend money in this game, consider purchasing the HyperDrive Bundle and/or wait for the Light Speed Bundles. There are Light Speed Bundles with Bounty Hunters inside, so those would save you from a slow grind for some of them (namely Bossk and his ship, Hound's Tooth).

    For what concern the fleet, I would prioritize Executrix as Capital Ship for the Zetas event. Vader and TIE Bomber are good ships to have around. Hound's Tooth (Boosk ship) is a must have. Ahsoka and Anakin ships are also very useful (to counter Hound's Tooth).

    Save crystals for daily refreshes, do not spend them in the shops (there are only very few things that are worth their price in crystals).

    Try to pursue one goal at a time: fully 7* a team, then move to the other.

    Try to focus on teams that can net you the most: teams with strong synergies and also elegible for journeyes, events and so on.

    And never understimate the role of the fleet: the fleet is the best source of crystals in the game. If you want to spend real money in this game, spend them on the fleet (the LSB wih the Negotiator is a must have).

    That's all I can think of for now.

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    Ok, thanks for the advice! Is it worth building up an Emperor Palpatine/Thrawn team as well, because Phoenix unlocks those?
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    I am new player also (around 1.5 months) and those tips are very helpful. Thanks!

    "There is a LSB also for geonosians"
    "LSB with the Negotiator is a must have"

    Did we miss those LSB or will they appear in the store again? I don't see those currently and I hope old LSB will come back soon.
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    Related to that, I have one other question. Why can’t I see any lightspeed bundles at all in the store?
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    LSBs come periodically. Not sure when the next ones are coming/being readded. You must also be level 85 to purchase them. Regarding certain LSBs, there is one for geos, and there is one for GAS that gives you a 7* negotiator. Hoping they get rereleased at some point!
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    Oh, ok, thanks for the clarity!
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