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Let us know which ones are your favorite and which ones you're not too fond of

Also, if you could list what device you're looking at them on, that would be great too! Thanks


  • Albatraous
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    Horrible. A lot of the characters look so similar, especially from a glance. All far too detailed and dark.
    Tusken Raider and URoRRuR'R'R have literally the same pic.
    StormTrooper and Magma Trooper are very similar as well.
    501st are exactly the same as well (at least, from a distance).

    The original designed had that Team Fortress 2 idea where from a distance you can see who is who. Now you can't easily tell.

    Great artwork, but very bad design choice for a game designed on mobiles to see tiny images at a glance. On PC, Tablet and Mobile

    EDIT: If there was an option to toggle the portraits between old and new (Classic and Modern) that would help those of us that are having issues with the very similar artwork
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  • Dianora
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    PC (although I use a Pixel 6A at times also). Fullscreen they look good but there's a lot of quality loss when I play windowed.

    In general, many of them look too different from before, which overturns years of memorization and learning. Also, lots of them (CAT/Fulcrum, JKA/GAS, TIE Fighter Pilot/the two FO TIE Pilots, 501st Clonetroopers, GK/JMK) look incredibly similar. A good design should enable players to quickly identify units and this rework doesn't do that.
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    I have prosopagnosia (face blindness) and at first I thought the updates were going to be great. I can tell some toons apart more easily, now. But others just got harder.

    FOTP and FOSFTP, several Mandalorians, Dark and Death Troopers, as examples. Some of this may get easier over time, but I've struggled for five years, and I'm really pretty frustrated about it.

    So far, I've only looked at them on my Pixel 6 Pro. Though I also play on my Pixel Slate tablet and using the Windows app on a tablet.
  • Robb
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    I’m on an iPhone 14. I posted this in another tread that was closed:

    I think they added too much shading / shadows on everyone’s portrait. 1/2 of every characters face is shaded and all the backgrounds are solid black. This makes the character selection screen just feel really dreary , there isn’t enough color or light to make the characters pop out at you.

    If you look at them for a long time they look really good but at a glance it’s really hard to tell who is who on a phone. I don’t understand this decision because a lot of the actual game play involves quickly selecting characters from a large list based on portraits.

    Also in many cases the difference in art style between the characters portrait and the characters model is jarring.

    Darth Vader is my least favorite. But a lot of the separatist droids are really good.

    Edit: I would like to add that if most portraits were just 1.2x zoomed in I think they would look a lot better. There would be less empty space and it would do wonders for visual clarity.
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  • BadWolfWill
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    iPhone 8 - The portraits are too small, too dark, and too similar. I can't tell who is who, which is something very important in this game.

    Here's a prime example--the 501st. ARC, Echo, and Fives are literally the same portrait with only a tiny blue line in different places to distinguish one from the other. Yes, they are clones and all, but in a character collection game, you need to be able to tell the characters apart.
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    1. Completely out of sync with the rest of the game. They don't match most of the 3d models at all, let alone the rest of the feel & vibe of the game.
    2. What's worse, the overall choice of art-style is just pretty poor. Everyone was plenty content with the Clone Wars / Cartoon style. Now we are forced to look at the poor translation into life-action? Nobody asked for this, the majority doesn't like it. Honestly it now looks like some cheap rip-off game.
    3. Distinction, pretty much the core functionality of a profile picture. Instead you chose to zoom out, providing less distinct pictures and lots of shadow. Mixed together with just completely unrecognizable pictures like Ezra.
    4. Emotional value. SWGOH is in essence a collection / resource game with some extra layers. In 1 big unwanted and unanounced swoop, you wipe away emotional attachement people have had for years building up these characters and teams. You apparently have no idea how impactful this is. There's multiple people in my Clan talking about quitting only hours into this new update.
  • DarthGrff
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    Let us know which ones are your favorite and which ones you're not too fond of

    Also, if you could list what device you're looking at them on, that would be great too! Thanks

    Revans is AMAZING. Can we get character art like that too pleaaassseee. GL Rey is ehhhhh. I’m on iPhone 13
  • Azrul
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    F-UGLY. absolutely horrible.
    Looks like a cheap AI job. Also way too small on my galaxy A35.
    Can't differentiate the clone troopers. Hard to recognize other toons. Is there a chance we could admit it was a bad idea and roll back to the good old portraits?
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  • Georgee
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    As other said, the pictures look amazing, high res, full of details. Difficult to identify when you have several rows of them on the screen though or when you scroll through them.

    The miniatures should more like caricatures - bring out a key characteristic of a toon - rather than being a cinematic, 4K, detailed portrait.

    Few specifics: Palme doesn’t look like Padme at all, Snips looks old, rather like the Ashoka from new movies. JKA looks great.
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    Omega needs help, she looks like a piece of cauliflower.
    501st clones are all identical. Same with the Mandos and TIE pilots.
    Overall, I can't tell who people are anymore, the lighting and skin tones are overall pretty dark making it tricky to recongize anyone.

    That being said, the sith all look great, but I prefer the old portraits.
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    1/3 are great, 1/3 are meh, 1/3 got worse, then there's the slimey eel version of sion...lol
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    The revans are my favourites, some others could probably stand to be mirrored, like maul and darth maul so they aren't almost identical
  • Whatelse73
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    They do look fantastic, BUT some are way too similar. I know in the past when new characters were brought out with similar portraits, there was an update made to them so we could tell the difference at a glance. That might be a concern for a few characters. (Mando and BAM look wayyyyy too close to the same, for example.)

    I think the Sith Lords look great, but it's a tough call with so many new portraits.

    Other than that, they look great. I look forward to seeing the new looks for the characters to go with them.
  • GunnerFCm
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    Playing on an IPhone 13 mini, the pictures are so small and detailed that I am having a hard time telling characters apart… case in point GL Kenobi and General Kenobi. Why couldn’t one of them be facing the other way, or had a lightsaber visible? Will definitely slow me down when I have to pick teams from a list other than saved squads, which will lessen my enjoyment and ultimately time in game.

    On the other hand, Biggs’ mustache is fire.
  • Wed_Santa
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    iPhone 15.

    Unrecognizable: Embo, GK, JMK, jkls, pretty much all the resistance, troopers etc
    Terrible: jmls, see, darth sidious, biggs, old daka… oh I’m too depressed to keep typing. I mean have you seen Captain Han? And why is Moff Tarkin’s face melting?

    What have you done CG?
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    Terrible. Can't see anything on my Iphone 11 (yes, I have poor eyesight). But it's really bad on PC too. A lot of icons are too similar to each other. You can't figure out who is who. And worst of all, it's a mismatch between the portrait and the character model. When you changed the portrait before, you changed the model too, and everything looked fine. But now I look at Omega or Hux, and then I look at their model, and that kind of mismatch is just stupefying.
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    The chewies are hard to tell apart. No grey flashes on veteran to make him obvious, goggles on vandor virtually invisible.

    Uror and raider are indistinguishable from each other. Maybe there is a sight color difference across the top of the nose? But I wouldn't be able to say which was which if shown separately.

    Mando and Bando are hard to spot which is which. If Jango didn't have a red frame I'd be putting him in here too.

    501st echo and ARC are very very similar. The detail on the helmet paint is too small to make out differences. I can only spot 5s and rex because 5s has one pistol held up, rex has 2.

    Sun fac, GBA and soldier all very similar now.

    Overall, I think the faces are too small a lot of the time, and some of the instantly distinguishing features are gone. Such as the rifle butt that used to tell me which one was Tusken raider, the red shoulders on Malak.

    Galaxy s10. Remember, this is a phone game. Stop just looking at stuff on PCs.
  • Morgoth01
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    Darth Revan look really cool, a few others also seems to be benefiting from this change, but overall this is among the worst implementations I’ve seen.

    Loads of the toons look way too similar, defeating the purpose of the portraits to enable players to select toons from the portrait alone.

    As I mentioned in another post, this feels a lot like something that looks awesome when the designer is making it on his 40” screen, but the result on my iPhone 15 is utter trash.

    This should be scrapped and back to the drawing board.
    The brief should be to ensure the portraits are visually distinct on a mobile device, particularly for toons who are often in the same filter, eg clones should be distinct to each other, Sith should be easily separated from each other etc.
    And I can’t stress this enough, this is a mobile game, if the portraits don’t work on mobile screens it’s a fail.
  • Gawejn
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    Portraits are really cool, but Ezra is not acurate, who is this guy ???
    Also i would add that yoda new model is really bad. I dont like new Boba Fett style and Nute Gunray model should be little changed, couse first impresion is that he is fat, but he isnt in fact. Just colors of his clothes are making him fat couse his body and clothes are like melting into one...
    I would like to have also models of toons same quality as portraits....

    Portrait of Barris is fantastic....
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    Galaxy S23 Ultra. I echo what everyone else is saying. Up close some of the portraits look fantastic, but at a glance you cannot distinguish between some characters and they are all too dark.

    Honestly, put it back the way it was and focus on making the character models better. 99% of the portraits were fine the way they were.

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    I think the vast majority are great, really like the style gives the game an uplift. Hoping 3D models follow, really impressed.

    Revans look awsome as do most of the sith. Royal guard looks incredible.

    I take the points about the clones and a few of the tuskans. Very hard to differentiate between. Feel like it wouldnt be that hard to change angles for each one like they have for Jawas, geos and (to an extent) wookies.

    Some units have always been harder to tell the difference between but we will get used to (most bar few pointed out) them and it will become the norm.

    The 2 units I really don't like are Candy Man - this one could have been really cool but looks a bit lazy imo. However my main dislike is Ezra who's look is iconic but looks miles off.
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    I’m on an iPhone 14 and most of the new character portraits are waayyyy too small. If you compare the portraits for some of the newer toons like Bouush you it’s mostly their head in a good proportion to the frame, but the rest are so small you have to squint. Qi’ra looks nothing like Emilia Clarke until I took a screenshot and zoomed in.

    Some of the portraits are pretty cool; Darth Revan, Lando Calrissian, Kanan etc. However, here is a list of a few which I don’t like:

    Darth Vader: WAY too dark. You can barely see the character apart from the highlights.

    501st Troopers: Echo, Arc and Fives are too similar. Yes the colours around the top are slightly different but when selecting characters quickly you could easily make a mistake

    GMY 3D model: His head is not proportionate to his body, too big and at an odd angle

    Jedi Knight Revan: Shading not great, it’d be great if it was similar to Darth Revan with a purple saber.

    Darth Traya: I’m sorry, but apart from the hair it looks nothing like Kreia. Have another look at the KOTOR model.

    Visas Marr: the shading for the hood is wrong, it makes her look like she has braids instead which is bad.

    IG-88/IG-86: Their heads are squished …. They need a stretching session.

    Ezra: Looks nothing like him

    Sith Assassin: The mask looks very wrong so looks like someone from Alien instead of SWTOR
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    I will also add that ewoks now very much live up to their name as murder bears!
  • Georgee
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    Another thought - I would understand, even if not welcome, modernization of 40 years old characters. But Ezra? Even today’s children love that orange guy from Rebels. That’s not the person on the miniature.
  • Drim
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    I wear glasses and bifocals. They’re too small to blurry. I seriously can’t make out who is who. I already have a small window of vision and lining it up to see who is who is ridiculous. Calling out teams in TW is total nightmare. DC are basically unrecognizable.
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    Let us know which ones are your favorite and which ones you're not too fond of

    Also, if you could list what device you're looking at them on, that would be great too! Thanks

    Playing on an s24 ultra, most all characters with different models aka reys look way to similar, where it is cool that many toons look more real, like visas marr was super easy to see now is almost confusedly with bo katan. Also the hoods need to not make shadows, like I didn't even recognize jedi revan
  • McRib
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    I agree with almost all of what others are saying, although the way they say it could be more respectful.

    As far as the good, I like the new pfps for the following and would hope they stay:
    Darth Revan
    Royal Guard
    The Armorer
    Imperial Super Commando
    Mon Mothma
    Jedi Knight Anakin (I like GAS too but they look too similar)
    Emperor Palpatine
    Jedi Knight Revan
    Kylo Ren
    Darth Sidious (but make his red hood a bit more pronounced)
    Darth Malak
    Han Solo
    Count Dooku
    Hermit Yoda
    Sith Marauder
    The Mandalorian
    Sith Trooper
    Boba Fett
    General Grievous
    Darth vader
    Moff Gideon
    Princess Leia
    Lando Calrissian
    Darth Nihilus
    Sith Empire Trooper
    Wat Tambor
    Mace Windu
    CC-2224 "Cody"
    Baze Malbus
    Ima-Dun Di
    Lord Vader

    But I think blending live-action, comic book and animation styles would look great. What I mean is, wherever the character is known from... have them look like that.


    Ashoka Tano (Snips) - Early Clone Wars Style
    Commander Ahsoka Tano - Clone Wars Season 7 style
    Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) - Rebels Style
    GL Ahsoka - Live Action (Rosario Dawson)
  • babylonfallen3
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    Can't tell who's who anymore, could be just a matter of getting used to but I prefer the old portraits. Samsung galaxy s22 ultra
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    Galaxy A15 I kind of like Grand Master Yoda, but really I can live with the old, seems like too much time is being used on art instead of fixing the immortal General Grievous in Defense of Dathomir, and instead of having " event currently unavailable " in red why not just place the next available date on the Solo Journeys.
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