Ashoka is already 7* but quest still says this…

How’s this supposed to work? The character is already maxed….az3xizh7vu3o.png


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    Perhaps this will correct itself with the new GL.
  • borg2
    14 posts Member
    It's time to fix it
  • Tsfletch
    217 posts Member
    The explanation given previously was that it’s a reoccurrence of an old bug and they’re working on it. It affects a lot of people but I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting on a fix.
  • Whatelse73
    2250 posts Member
    It's a bug they'll get to eventually and fix maybe by 2030. New shinies and datacrons come first.
  • cmi
    11 posts Member
    It does not benefit the players, so I guess it has low priority. I have the feeling after immortal GG event will be fixed in 2027 or so they might move it up in the backlog by 2 or 3 places.
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