TH3 ElIT3 UK Now recruiting 312m GP

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*Now Recruiting*
TH3 ElIT3 UK are looking for players 5 mil+ GP with at least 1 GL. Must be active and participate in raids & guild events, willingness to work on inqs for REVA SM would be nice also. Please join our server or DM me if interested.

**We run**:
♦️Naboo raid (yet to attempt)
♦️17 ⭐️s on ROTE (we are currently only getting 1 REVA shard per run but this is expected to increase greatly in the near future)
♦️31 ⭐️s and up to around 40 WAT shards on DS GEO TB ⚠️NOW RETIRED⚠️ (Future runs can be requested and will be considered if there's enough interest)
♦️TW 45+ sign ups Decent win rate, always looking to improve.

**Our requirements**:
♦️5 million GP, 1 GL (Exceptions can be made for smaller focused rosters )
♦️Daily raid tickets preferable
♦️Use Discord for communication
♦️TB/ TW participation (but can sit out of TW if unable to contribute)
♦️Relicing up toons for ROTE may be required
♦️Our guild GP is normally **300mil+**


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