3 spaces in 397M ROTE guild

Ant? Amalgamate 2
47/50 397M GP
TW mandatory join - defence only is ok
TB - ROTE only. Full participation req. 25+ stars average 6- 8 Reva shards.
Raid - Naboo
Tickets - minimum of 450 ideally 600
Farming goals are individual choices.

Swgoh gg profile required
Discord - you don't have to chat however we do dm you with platoon assignments but try and minimise any other tagging.

We are an Independent guild established in April 2018 and are a mixture of daily casual players and daily casual-competitive players across the globe. We approach the game as a place to have fun. We work together to achieve guild goals. We do have doable rules in place for all gaming styles to play together with minimal drama.
We understand real life comes first and has a way of interfering with our gaming fun.
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