510million GP Guild is open to join :)

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GLOBAL么FORCE is looking for you!!
* https://swgoh.gg/g/Fz12vA-lTQGnUDkzf4xlsw/*

We are a guild that enjoy camaraderie and the strategy of the game.

We need 2 new comrades 🙏🏽🙏🏽

I am Guild Leader: MINISirDinGrogu
Allycode: 257-126-661

If you are looking for a serious guild approach but want to maintain your unique focus, we are the guild for you!

*What we're offering:*

• 500M+ GP at 48/50

• Rise of the Empire: 36 ⭐

• NABOO Raid: 67.5 BOX (2000 GRT3)

• 80% TW winrate (+Droid Brain)

• GAC strategy support and network from Kyber players at our ranks

*What we're looking for:*

• 600 tickets daily

• Discord active

• Full participation at TW and TB (we usually enlist 40+ members each TW)

May The Force Be With You!!

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