Feat counter is now a must have

Since the day feats was in the game and players got confused how their 30 stuns didn't give them the 30 stun feats etc etc players have asked for a feat counter that keep track them... this is a very good idea as bugged out feats happens but also that players sometimes don't do the math and just "feel" like the game is refusing them the feat.

Conquest phase/tier feats lets you collect towards a feat over time so you can see progress and even if you sure your battle did 13 of the feat and you only got progress of like 10, you still closer to complete the feat.

Galactic challenges however have super random feats and even if you have the perfect squads to do them, the squad you fighting against can make them impossible. But you play the battle so many times RNG lets you win one time anyway, and it still don't give you the feat...

Put that box in the ground, the blue one that counted how many battle droids had been slained... but this time have it say "The game thinks you have stuned (X) enemys and removed (Y)% enemy turnmeter, (Z) protections up... or whatever the very limited amount of three feats that aint "Complete the battle" & "Compete the battle with a full squad of [Factions/Tag]"

It not just Quality of life, players should or at least could walk away from the game if it can't be played.
Players need to know what is happening. It wasn't that long ago that CG just decided that trying to stun Jabba made any other stun that turn not count... and players had to come together and "GL puzzle" it out themselves.


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