Efficient farming during GL journey

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Just unlocked my first GL journey, JMLS. I thought I would farm shock prods for him and the gl tickets would come as a byproduct, but he requires awful lot of battle computers. I will therefore need to hit DS as well, which won't bring any tickets obviously.

What is better - unlock him as soon as possible and finish the gear later or plan the farming in a way that I will unlock him when I have all the gear ready?

Also, with the gl tickets shop, is it worth to farm few extra tickets to spend there?


  • Blubcop
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    I'd say it's better to plan on having most gear ready for at least G12 (you need another 100 battle computers to reach G13). But when I am in this situation I simply buy more battle computers in the guild event and gac store to compensate only farming light side.

    The tickets needed for the GL event are not the same tickets you can use in the ultimate journey store, you get those in the ultimate journey event which needs a GL at R7 to participate.
  • Hortus
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    I'd say unlock first, farm gear later. The only thing which may do postponing the unlock more profitable is bonus drops, but none were announced in near future.
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    Use get2 and GAC currency for battle computers
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    Thank you guys!

    I usually buy battle computers from GAC shop but so much is needed that I will need to farm some to be finished in somewhat reasonable time. Can't use get2 yet, got only Malevolence finished, still working on Negotiator.
  • Screerider
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    And crystals for kryos is ok. Especially those packs for 690 crystals with 25 or 50 pieces.
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