Bo-Katan Tier 2 bugged

Paz will automatically die without being attacked or damaged. After you use an attack for the first or second time. Paz will die, even if he has damage immunity. Again, the enemy did not attack to cause this. No damage was dealt. This issue was posted in the bugs section back in january and i dont see any resolution. Does anyone know how i can get help with this so that obtaining Bo will be a possible, before the time limited event expires?


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    Soo I would read a guide but you need to get Pazs speed to go first and use third first to get retribution. I did it with all health sets and primaries. If not look up a guide.

    Him coming back a 2nd time, using an ability and then dying immediately is not a bug, it's part of his unique
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    As mentioned, you need your speed on him as high as possible, preferably 300. I couldn't quite get his that high and had to bump his Relic to 8 though, and was able to win after that. Keep at it though, I love my Bo Katan Mandalore!
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