need explanation on pvp ranking

today i was #2 and won atk #1, but when the round finish.. tell me you pass #5 to #2 ??.. i dont complain i just dont understand how this could happen

..and hmm sorry for my english


  • Telaan
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    Whoever you beat, you trade places with. So if you're #3 and beat #1, you become #1. The same happens in reverse if you lose.
  • Really? Can anyone confirm? If you are #1 the only way to make achievement is to dethone tourself by winning a lower rank?
  • Telaan
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    edited December 2015
    You can see it for yourself. Fight someone in arena and, as long as you win, check your rank and you'll see you simply bumped to that rank.

    As far as being #1 goes.....I highly doubt you dethrone yourself. Most likely you simply sit there until sniped to a lower rank. But I refuse to spend money on arena refreshes, so someone who does will have to speak on that specific point.
  • If you're 1 and you attack someone else, nothing changes, win, lose, or draw.
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