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Specifically a result of Arena (though it is annoying elsewhere too), there should be a 5-10 minute in-game warning (a pop-up should be fine) for any required client restart. Every time one is pushed out, there are several threads of people complaining about losing matches (as well they should).


  • StarSon
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    Of course, and today is the first day it ever happens to me. I figured I was safe since I manually did a force close, and had protection bars already. But no. I beat my Arena opponent, but it doesn't count. So annoyed.
  • I can give EA my Player ID and/or Ally Code if that helps, but this just happened to me and I AM DISAPPOINT!

    The new meta means that old strategies don't necessarily work. I had a difficult fight, against an opponent in a higher tier. This was my chance to jump into Tier 9 for the day. I started at #111 and fought a squad with 10% more PWR at the #93 spot.

    And I can't tell you how close it was! I had all 5 tunes against one Ahsoka Tano. I was going to crush her, no problem, but the new Protection bars and strategy wonkiness meant that I had only 63 seconds to do it.

    But that's not rough, right? When you have only one opposing toon left, you can put it on Auto and it will breeze through the last bits where the fight doesn't need your strategies. I dropped an attack on her & then healed on Lumi's turn (just in case) and at 58 seconds turned on Auto to go to work on the fully healthy, purple-gear, level 58 Ahsoka with my level-52 squad. Sure she had more health than any of my toons, but 5 on 1, shouldn't be anything to sweat... about 45 seconds the timer started counting down at a vastly accelerated rate - 2 to 3 seconds for every one second of real time. Fortunately, I still beat the clock by 19 of its so-called seconds, but I was scared there for a minute lest it speed up even more.

    Success, right? It gave me the victory screen, then told me to update the client through browser or Google Play. I chose Google play, updated, and I am rank #111 and my opponent is still #93.

    BUT it still recorded that I completed the battle and took away my chance to fight again.

    I fought a hard battle made scarier by a glitch-prone Arena clock, I won anyway, the server recognizes that I played the battle to the end, but I don't get to move up rank.


    If you can record that I completed the battle, you can record who I beat and the ranks involved.

    To you, EA/CG it's 25 tokens and 25 crystals and 18 slots up the rankings. But I earned those tokens and crystals. I earned my rank. How do I get them back????

    Again, happy to provide playerID or Ally Code to EA, but really, StarSon's warning just makes this all worse: You've had this problem on previous updates, and you can't get a coder to switch the order of the function calls so that ALL the battle results are recorded?

    Or maybe NONE?

    I mean, if I got to play the battle over again because you didn't take away any of my 5 daily Arena plays, then it would be up to me to get that rank back.

    But you've got the function call to record that I've spent one daily Arena battle...and no function call to record win/loss/rank.

    Thats sloppy programming (at least, it is when you know about the bug from previous client updates) and not appreciated by players. Argh.
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